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Narcotics Anonymous is a 12 Step Recovery Program helping addicts find recovery from the disease of addiction. Originally based on the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, we have only broadened their approach from alcohol to the disease of addiction: obsession and compulsion. This is a spiritual, not religious, program.

PHONE LINE MEETINGS:  On your phone on the Meeting page, just tap the underlined number of the meeting you wish to attend and it will be dialed automatically including the access code. Be sure to use *6 to mute and unmute your phone to cancel background noise.

On Phone, Tap to Dial Marathon Meeting 712.770.5326, 450878#

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New Back Door Numbers for Free Conference Call Meetings

If your service providers charge to call

our meetings, use one of these numbers first:

520-420-9070, 209-399-9031,

209-399-9042, 520-420-9074


24/7 Infinity Marathon Meeting

​712.770.5326, 450878#


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NA by Phone Area Finance Subcommittee Meeting

Meets Third Saturday of the Month

1:30p Eastern, 12:30p Central, 11:30a Mountain, 10:30a Pacific

605.313.5145, 352188#

NA by Phone Area Meeting

Meets Second Saturday of the Month

1:30p Eastern, 12:30p Central, 11:30a Mountain, 10:30a Pacific

605.313.5145, 352188#, ​Playback 605.313.5153, 352188#

On Phone, Tap Underline to Dial Area Phone Number 605.313.5145, 352188#

Our Fellow Friends and Members in the Virtual Community are offering International Meetings 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a  Week!

It's a great time to be alive in Virtual NA !!

Visit Virtual-NA.org for a complete listing of all (or almost all)

 virtual meetings around the world in your own time zone !!​​

Keeping It Real Group of NA Brings

19 ​NEW MEETINGS a Week to

NA by Phone.com - See Meeting List for Times

848.777.1212, 5574929#

Printable Meeting List for NA Phone Meetings

Updated 9.14.20 - One Page 8.5x11 Double Sided

​​​​About Our Phone Meetings 

and How They Work

​​How Phone Line Meetings Work: Dial phone number and enter access code and the pound (#) symbol or tap underlined number on your phone to call automatically including access code. Follow any prompts. You are now

in the meeting! Press * and then 6 (*6) to mute and unmute your phone. A voice prompt will tell you if you

are muted or not. It is best to stay muted except to share or read. When you are muted you can hear

everything but your background noise is cancelled out. Speakers and some Bluetooths cause echoing so

please don’t use them when you are off mute. The Chairperson will give you any further instructions.​​

​Originally started in 2008 as Outreach to carry an NA meeting to a hospitalized member in Florida (Joe Marcos

who later passed clean), teleconference meetings have grown to meet the needs of many members. The

diversity of our membership is represented by hospitalized and home-bound members, older members who

can no longer get out, professional drivers, geographically-challenged members, parents at home

with children, storm victims who swell our meetings until the weather clears, members of smaller communities seeking more diversity or anonymity for gut level sharing and those who are simply looking for a different flavor of recovery. And now, of course, pandemic self-isolating members.  NA teleconference meetings are a wonderful addition to a well-rounded recovery platform, can serve as life-saving outreach and are a great way to expand

your support network nationally or even internationally. However, they are not a replacement for face-to-face meeting attendance. Attend your local NA as soon as you are able to safely. Share some hugs.