Policy has been ratified!!

Elections are upcoming.

Nominations and Questions re Qualifications in November, Elections in December.​​

Nominees must be at both meetings.

For Complete Qualifications and Duties, see Policy.

No Meeting September

Webinar Report from World Service Office on Online Meetings & Virtual Recovery held 9.14.19

Ratified Policy 7.13.19

​Our 7th Tradition states "Every NA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions."

Members can use the secure PayPal Donate button to contribute. These donations support NAbyPhone.com and help carry our message.

NA By Phone Area

NA By Phone Area

Recording of Midwest Zonal Forum Workshop held 9.14.19 on Virtual Recovery

Recording from World Convention 37 in Orlando held 9.1.18 on Virtual Recovery

 On Your Phone, Tap Number to Dial Automatically 

Area Chairperson: 3 Years Clean, Experience at Area Level

Area Vice-Chairperson: 2 Years Clean

Area Secretary: 2 Years Clean, Experience as a Secretary

Treasurer: 4 Years Clean

​Webmaster: 1 Year Clean

Meets 2nd Saturday of the Month

Next Meeting - Saturday, November 9
1:30p Eastern, 12:30p Central,

11:30a Mountain, 10:30a Pacific
605.313.5145, 352188#, ​Playback 605.313.5153, 352188#

Link to Virtual-NA.org, BMLT based website created June 2019.  Meeting List of all virtual meetings held around the world across all platforms (On-Line, Phone, Video, etc.) listed in your individual time zone.

Approved Area Minutes

No Meeting June

No Meeting January

Virtual Recovery Information