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Prayer Written by Greg Pierce​

Dear God, Please protect and provide for me. Guide and illuminate

the path of my pilgrimage. Grant me courage, commitment and strength. Teach me to care and give without reservation. Remind me of gratitude

and principle. Please allow me to recognize your presence in me and

around me and allow my life to be a reflection of your love.


This is a movie of Greg's Talk in Tar Hollow State Park but Greg does not appear. It is entirely American Sign Language for the Hearing Impaired.

Greg Pierce passed away from Liver Cancer on April 29,1999 with over 28 years clean. His clean date was 10/25/70. He wrote the Tradition section of the Basic Text, The NA Tree, The IP's "Triangle of Self-Obsession", "Living the Program" and "Working Step 4 in Narcotics Anonymous." His story "I was Different" appeared in the Little White Book and "I was Unique" in the Basic Text.

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