Bob Gray dedicated many years of service to Narcotics Anonymous, serving at all levels from Home Group to World Board. NA in Florida would not be what it is without this man.

On February 2, 2016, many who knew him personally came together on Loving Our Long-Timers to remember Jimmy K, celebrate his life and paint a picture of him for the rest of us. Thank you to all who helped in this amazing effort. This tribute has been broken into 5 CD sized pieces. Please feel free to download and make copies but honor our wishes and do not sell or charge for them. We honor our Traditions.

Sketch by Lois Pierce 1973

"I only go where God wants me to go, I only do what God wants me to do, I only spend time with those God wants me to be with."
Wild Bill was a very God-centered person with a tremendous zest for life. He enjoyed sharing his memories about going fast on motorcycles, cars and boats. He was an adrenalin junkie with 44 years clean who believed in living right now doing whatever struck his fancy. He had no bucket list, only memories. He always listened to his "tummy phone." his direct link with his Higher Power who always directed his life. He will be missed.
He said: "Breathe In, Breathe Out; Don't Use in Between."

Loving Our Long-timers

or LOL is held every Wednesday evening @ 7:00pm Central Time (8:00pm Eastern)

Dial: 1-712-770-4160 Access Code: 108786#, Replay: 1-712-770-4169, 108786#

This 5.5 hour celebration is offered free of charge because we can only keep what we have by giving it away. You can download it and make CD's but please do not sell or charge for distributing them. ​Thank you for honoring our commitment to NA and this endeavor and for your love and fellowship.

This celebration is offered free of charge because we can only keep what we have by giving it away. Feel free to download it and make CD's but do not sell or charge for distributing them. ​Thank you for honoring our commitment to NA and this endeavor and for your love and fellowship.

If you downloaded Back to Basic from here before 2/20/19, please download it again. The older copy was credited to Greg Pierce in error. This is the actual original written by Antoinette B including the last page copy write certificate.

"Gino" William Haugh from Texas was instrumental in getting NA flourishing in Houston. One of his mottos was "Do all things with love." We will miss you! Love and Respect!!!

Gene Haag was one of the earliest members of Narcotics Anonymous who worked closely with Jimmy K to help NA grow and flourish. He was renowned for always having a newcomer in tow. His tremendous belief in his Higher Power, his dedication to spiritual principles and his courage in standing up for what he believed in made him a well-loved role model. His humility is an inspiration to us all.

  Mark Coppinger was a quiet man who dedicated his life to Narcotics Anonymous service, upholding the Traditions and revering our past. We will miss you ! Your input in our Writing Group will be sorely missed.

Below are Those No Longer With Us

Thank You for All You Did

Rick Goodine was instrumental in bringing Narcotics Anonymous to Eastern Canada as well as starting the Canadian Assembly. He dropped words of NA wisdom in a very humble manner whenever he shared.

Bob Barrett

One of our original members credited with holding NA together in the 70's when Jimmy K was ill. He passed on June 20, 2015. On August 12, his 54th clean date, his closest friends and sponsees (1000 years of clean time) gathered to celebrate his life. This 4.5 hour celebration has been broken into 5 parts for ease in listening and CD creation.

We invite Long-Timers to share whatever they would like to speak about: their stories, the history of NA, what it is like to live a life of spiritual principles, their views on anything close to their hearts, any advice or warnings they have for the Fellowship, anything at all. Nothing is too controversial for us. As a result, you will hear some very interesting leads.
Just click on their name to hear the lead on your computer or download to your smart phone and play with your music player.
If you have 30 plus years or extensive NA history knowledge and would like to speak for us,
please send us an email from our Contact page. We honor you and welcome you!

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Jimmy Kinnon

His Vision Became the Worldwide Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous

Born April 5, 1911; Clean Date February 2, 1950; Passed July 9, 1985