THIS FRIDAY - NEW Loving Our Long-Timers second weekly meeting on BlueJeans, a video platform. Meeting will be audio only, no cameras. See LOL page for details and connections.

​Our 7th Tradition states "Every NA group ought to be fully

self-supporting, declining outside contributions."

Members can use the secure PayPal Donate button to contribute to to help carry our message.

Edit Tool for Adding

Custom Name      >

First Time Only - Click Here  >

​To Create Accopunt

You can now give people the Dial-In Number and Participant Code and start a meeting.

Click Conference View   >

Moderator Instructions - A Moderator controls events in the meetings and ensures the atmosphere of recovery is maintained.

 New Screen Appears. ​Fill in email and password and click submit.

How To Start A Phone Line Meeting

 Text Dial-In Number, Participant Code and start time to all your friends and have a meeting

Quick Start:

IMPORTANT - Know that the red Stop Meeting button will disconnect everyone and end the meeting. If you are running a Marathon Meeting, you want to shut it down every 5-6 hours to keep the Moderator board working correctly. The Free Conference Call infrastruture gets wonky after 6 hours. Otherwise, you will probably never need to use it.

^  If Host code is used, will say Host under role

Name and Number of Caller

The third section - Web Controls - is very useful. If you want to record the meeting, slide red box to right. Hold and Conference Lock (will not allow anyone else to join the meeting) will probably not need to be used. 

Conference View - Used Most Often

Detailed Instructions: Create a Free Conference Call HD Account

^ Will place individual caller on hold

Mute is very important. The Moderator should select Mute before the meeting starts. When muted, everyone can hear what is going on but all background noise is cancelled out. Only the Chairperson and the member speaking or reading should be off mute. The Star button and the number 6 (*6) will mute and unmute each person. A prompt will play in your ear letting you know if you are muted or not.

^  Muted with Blue circle

​Unmuted without

Moderator can change status

by clicking on Microphone

  First Time Only              >

  Fill In Emai 

  and Password

Name and Number of Caller

< Example of custom name

 Get an email address

Name of Caller

Green dots show where sound is coming from   >

 Just before meeting starts, go to Mute pull down menu and select Mute 

When Mute is off, everyone can hear everyone else and (tongue in cheek) usually no one can hear anything. When Mute is on, everyone can hear everything but no one can hear them unless they come off mute using *6. When Lecture is used, only the host code will unmute. Everyone else will not be able to come off mute. This might be used when having a speaker so no one can interrupt. Q&A is not often used, but allows the participants to signal they want to ask a question and the moderator can allow them to address the meeting. Otherwise all participants are muted and cannot come off mute.

You may want to give password and host code only to Moderators and/or Trusted Servants because that information lets you control the meeting, mute people, disconnect people, start and stop recording, enable playback or end the meeting.

Chairperson and Moderator should work together to keep the meeting on track and the atmosphere of recovery intact. It is important that no individual caller take the meeting hostage.

 Get an email address

Name and Number of Caller

 Go to

 Create account using email and password

< Turn Off Entry and Exit Tones

Click Preferences  >

Participant List 

Set Preferences - Only needs to be done once. Must be done before callers arrive and meeting starts. Go to top pull down menu and select Preferences

This is the part you will use the most. It shows number of callers, status, allows you to change name from phone provider account holder to individual using phone.

The others you can leave as is or change Announce Caller Count so everyone coming into the meeting knows how many people are present.

 New Screen Appears Showing Following

<  Click Here

<  X will Disconnect Caller

Log In to Existing Free Conference Call Account - Every Time Thereafter

Leave Blank    >

< Select Mute

 New Screen Appears. Shows Dial In Number, Host Code, Participant Code and Playback Number

 Go to - Fill in Email and Password (easier to remember if you use the same password as email).  FIRST TIME ONLY click Create My Free Account

The top section - Account Information -  shows the phone numbers and access codes. The second section - Invite - will give you a list of international dial-in numbers for members in other countries to call a local number in their country and enter our meetings. See International Page on You probably will not need this section.

 Explain *6 will mute and unmute callers. Have them stay muted except to share or read.

<   Number of callers

 Go to Menu, then Preferences and turn off entry and exit tones