How Phone Line Meetings Works: They are considered long distance calls to landline numbers. Check with your service provider so you don’t get excessive charges. Dial phone number and when prompted, enter access code and the pound (#) symbol. On some lines you are asked for your name and the # symbol again. You do not have to give your name, just enter #. You are then in the meeting! Press * and then 6 to mute and unmute your phone (*6). A voice prompt will tell you if you are muted or not. It is best to stay muted except to share or read. When you are muted you can hear everything but your background noise is cancelled out. Speakers and some Bluetooths cause echoing so don’t use them when you are off mute. The Chairperson will give you any further instructions. If your phone provider charges to call teleconference numbers, you can find current back-door numbers for some of our meetings on the Announcements page or try the free app Intelidial from I-Tunes or Play Store (no endorsement, just info).

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On Contact Us and NA Links you will find a form to email us with your comments, questions, suggestions or hopefully a Long-Timer's request to speak. You will also find links to The Narcotics Anonymous' World Web Site and the Just For Today reading. Below that you will find other links to NA and NA related web sites that may be of interest to our members.

On the NEW International Page are International Calling Charts (ICC's) which allow members in those countries listed to call a local number, enter the corresponding meeting's access code and attend our meetings. Only those meetings having ICC numbers on the Meeting list can be accessed this way.

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12 Step Recovery Program designed to aid recovery from the disease of addiction. Originally based on the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, we have only broadened their approach from alcohol to the disease of addiction: obsession and compulsion. This is a spiritual, not religious, program.

Originally started in 2008 as outreach to carry an NA meeting to a hospitalized member in FL, teleconference meetings have grown to meet the needs of many members. The diversity of our membership is represented by hospitalized and home-bound members including older members who can no longer get out, professional drivers on the road, geographically challenged members, parents who stay home with children, victims of really bad storms who swell our meetings for a few days until the weather clears, members of smaller communities who are seeking more anonymity for gut level sharing and those who are simply seeking multiple flavors of recovery.  NA teleconference meetings are a wonderful addition to a well-rounded recovery platform and can serve as life-saving outreach and are a great way to expand your support network nationally or even internationally. However, they are not a replacement for face-to-face meeting attendance. Attend your local NA. Share some hugs.

​7th Tradition 

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Our Speaker Page features individual speakers with strong recovery from all over the country. Many of those speakers have passed on, some long ago, but they were icons of recovery in their day and their messages are still very potent. You will also find complete conferences or speaker jams, many with an emphasis on history. All speakers on this page are favorites of home group members. You won't find any drug-a-logs.

PHONE FRIENDLY MEETING LIST - ​​As complete and accurate as we can keep it. Presently more than 80 meetings a week held by more than 18 autonomous groups. Some meetings are recorded and available 24 hours a day. For more info on how they work and basic directions, see bottom of this page. We invite any NA web site to link with us to provide your local Fellowship with accurate phone meeting information.

Printable version (4 time zones, 1 page, front and back, 8.5 x 11 tri-fold)

About Our Phone Meetings and How They Work

Activities showcases current phone line events such as marathons or speaker jams. Anyone, especially those who love to do service, is welcome to join the Activity Committee, just show up on Sunday afternoons.

Welcome NA Members and those interested in our 12 Step Program. On this web site you will find lots of recovery. Each page is described below.

Here are the Readings traditionally used in our meetings in two different formats. Either click on a button to pull that reading up directly or scroll down the page to the one you want.

To download recordings of Loving Our Long-Timers or Speakers: on your computer click on their name and choose whether you want to download them to your computer or listen to them now. On your smart phone, simply touch their name and they will download to your phone in less than a minute. You can then play them with your music player anytime without being on-line. You will find them in a folder marked downloads in your music lists.

Current Events in Our World of Phone Line Meetings and a Printable Meeting List.

The Loving Our Long-Timers Meeting features speakers, most with 30+ years of recovery, who were witnesses to the early development of our beloved Fellowship. Currently at almost 7,000 years of clean time recorded, these honored speakers tell their stories, our history and the parts played by others now gone. We hope that by recording these meetings, our present and future members will be able to hear our history come alive through the voices of those who lived them. You will also find tributes to some of our earliest members who have passed on by those who knew them personally including Jimmy Kinnon.

​If you want to share your long-timer story or know someone with 30+ years, please contact us.