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 'The Brown & White' Draft of

It Works: How & Why - 1988

Beneath the cover shown is the link to download.

The two above have been formally unapproved.

So You Love An Addict for obvious reasons. Also, it was taken and used, with revisions, in Nar Anon. (Nar Anon is the program used by family members of addicts.)

 HIstorical significance 


Literature On This Page

The literature on this page may be printed for historical purposes. What use is made of the literature on this page after being downloaded is not of consequence to or the responsibility of the Historical Significance Group or any of its members individually. We suggest that it never be sold.

Each Group in its autonomy should be governed by Group Conscience as to what literature, historical or otherwise, it uses. Whatever decision is then made, it becomes Group Approved.

literature movement

1970's - 1980's

After work began on our Basic Text, folks became excited about creating literature that addicts could identify with and relate to. We came together in houses and meeting spaces all over to write on topics addicts wanted to write on. These writings were sent into The World Literature Committee in an effort to include as much identification by addicts for addicts as possible.

Below are some of the writings the World Literature Committee compiled and sent to as many Groups as possible for review and input. Once the Fellowship sent revisions into the Committee, the piece was revised based on the input and returned to the Groups for approval, further revision or rejection.

WHite approval form

Voted on in 1982

The White Approval Form was placed on the floor of the 1982 WSC to be voted upon. It was approved overwhelmingly by the fellowship. This document gave us the identity we needed to be a stand alone autonomous program. It also gave us our own language in writing. 

the grey BOOK

Basic Text rough draft

The Grey Book or Grey Form is the product of 3 World Literature Conferences held between 1979 and 1981. The first in Wichita, KS, the second in Lincoln, NE and the third in Memphis, TN. These conferences are where many people came together to bring forth ideas and began compiling topics and chapters based on our Little White Book.
In 1981 in Memphis, this book came from the compilations from the other two workshops and was sent out to all NA Groups the world over (600 found) for review and input by as many NA members as possible.
This book is where the white approval form came from, which was approved by our entire Fellowship.

Following each statement is a brief explanation of the way the statement relates to our program. It is meant to be an expression of the fundamental principles and concepts of Narcotics Anonymous. This pamphlet draws on the experience of one member who has been active in N.A. for many years. The inspiration regarding our symbol occurred early in the morning of April 23rd, 1988 and most of the basic statements presented in the sections entitles "Concepts of Service" and "Spiritual Tenets" were written later that day during an airplane flight to N.A.'s World Service Conference. The piece was developed and completed over the following 7 weeks. It was submitted to the W.L.C. and subsequently placed in the "Return to Originator" category of material without further work being done on it. 

NA Tree

*The Tree* was written in simplicity to show how to do service in a spiritual manner. It works well in any group setting. It is free-flowing service and has no restrictions outside of our Traditions. Check it out and offer it for possible use to your Home Group.

The Original Informational Pamphlets

... the only ones available that were Written by recovering addicts, for addicts seeking recovery, without outside interference and within the Traditions.

First Printed Literature

The link below is only the text of what was written, not the format in which it was originally produced.

The Monday meeting Historical Significance has closed. Thank you for your support in the past.

    The two items below have never been formally approved by the Fellowship. The Sponsor/Sponsee Step Worksheets, reputed to have been originally written by Jimmy Kinnon, have been passed down and updated by many sponsors to guide their sponsees through the Steps.


​    Back To The Basic was written by a woman from Fredericksburg, VA. Although Greg Pierce has often been credited with writing it, the actual author was his grandsponsee, Antoinette B. 

Chicago Draft: It Works How & Why

Input form Chicago 1988

When the fellowship was writing IWH&W, Many Groups, Areas and Regions collaberated together to submit input to the World Service Conference Literature Committee for inclusion into the book. The file below is from the groups in the Chicago Areas that came together for participating in the Open Participatory Writing Process.