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IP - Working Step 4 In Narcotics Anonymous

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Virtual NA is a Globally Based Collaborative Service Resource Project.

This is a meeting list of virtual meetings around the world on any platform: zoom, bluejeans, skype, phone, on-line, etc.


Literature written in either the Open Participatory Style "By Addicts for Addicts" or written by loving members. Available for free download or purchase.​

Work the Steps Bill from Florida has workshops several times a year going through his Step Working Program based on the Basic Text and It Works How & Why. He is on LOL page too explaining his program and his story.

NA by Phone Meeting List

Updated 8/1/20 - Printable

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Narcotics Anonymous Upper Cumberland Area

An absolutely outstanding collection of NA Service and History documents in a very usable, searchable format. Thousands of hours of love for the Fellowship in this website.

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​7th Tradition 

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Phone Line Meetings Do Not Provide Signatures to Prove Attendance

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A couple of members living in North Carolina reached out to many long-time members with archives in basements, attics and family room shelves. They scanned these varied archives and present them here without controversy, just facts.

This site is full of our history... much of which is downloadable. Books, IP's, Speakers, pictures of key tags and journals. Lots of loving time invested here!

The Highlands and Islands Group of Narcotics Anonymous (United Kingdom)

Video On-Line Meeting Directory & Website

(5 Hrs. later than Eastern time)

If You Have 30+ Years and Would Like to Speak for Loving Our Long-Timers or If You Want A New Meeting Listed or Changes Made to Existing Meetings, Use This Form. Please Include Name And Phone Number.


Marco Polo and Historical Downloads

These three variations on the Old School Step Working Guide are similar but each subsequent version has more questions

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