Cyber Area Formation Fourth Discussion:

August 11. Groups Encouraged to Elect GSR's. See Announcements


Friday and Saturday Night Meetings Cancelled Effective 7/7/18

​​How Long Have

You Been Clean?


Thank you to all the members who voted for the NA Phoneline T-Shirt Logo Contest!! Logo 1 is the winner!! T-Shirt colors, etc., have not been confirmed, but the new shirts will look something like this:

 Film made in 2003 about

Jimmy Kinnon has just been uploaded to YouTube. You really want to see this film.​​​ 

If your phone provider charges to call our meetings, try this back door number. ONLY works for Free Conference Call meetings - 206.451.6102

​Also, try free app - Intelidial

Opportunity for Service

Illness in Recovery, Saturday at 3p E, 2p C, 1p M, 12N P, is in dire need of support. We need Chairpersons, Moderators and an Alternate Secretary. (641) 715-3660, 474793#

​Our 7th Tradition states "Every NA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions."

Members can use the secure PayPal Donate button to contribute. The website is not free. We need help to carry our message.

Stay tuned for more details!!

To help refresh your knowledge of Groups and Areas, here are PDF files from The World Service Office. You may also want to read Tradition 9 in our Literature including The Guiding Principles.

NA by Phone Announcements

​​Cyber Area Discussion​s

The third discussion meeting was well attended and consensus is committed to moving forward. Recording of the meeting is available. We will meet again August 11 to continue discussion. Groups are encouraged to elect GSR's to attend next meeting.​ 

The next meeting will be held Saturday, August 11, 2018, at 

1:30p (ET), 12:30p (CT), 11:30a (MT), 10:30a (PT) on the NAbyPhone Service Number: 

712-775-7035, 554778#

The Guiding Principles, Tradition 5, Page 92

NA service is varied and creative. We do all kinds of work to carry the message and support our groups. We bring meetings or panels into hospitals and institutions, and make presentations to inform providers and the public about Narcotics Anonymous; we hold events for our members, create meeting schedules and websites, gather resources, and balance the books. We participate in fellowship development. We get involved with literature creation or translation, and provide learning days and workshops so that members can participate in the life of Narcotics Anonymous. All of this and more goes to build our Fellowship. Keeping the connection in view between the service we do and the addict who walks in the door brings passion to our service, and keeps us focused on our purpose.


Revised 6/10/18​​​